Since it was established in 1994, Casa Studio has provided its clients in the residential development industry with quality designs and complete documentation for launching your Development Application, including working drawings and construction details, CDC or A.S.A.P. services.

We are proud of the service we provide our clients delivering efficient and fast results. From the standard plan for council application to the 3D drawings for presentation or just a volumetric and study and shadow diagrams, all jobs are met with dedication and sophistication.



All emergency plans required will take priority and will be produce as soon as possible..
We have a dedicated response team ready to help you obtain any plans or technical drawings you may need to complete your project.

building design

We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients, providing with a conscious, practical and architecturally harmonious project supported by an accurate documentation.

interior design

Our Interior Design Department is a very important part in Casa Studio's integral design solution in our search for excellence and functionality design where our clients find their dreamed space coming to live.

drafting service

Our Drafting Department, with qualified Draftmans, is our central engine and produces high standard
drawings and specifications for a successful DA or CC documentations.